It was bound to happen. sprung it's own internal leak. Stating that Julian Assange made WikiLeaks too much about one person and not enough about the organization, several former members jumped ship and started their own whistle-blower website. It's scheduled to open Monday December 13, 2010. says it will focus more on being a place where people can anonymously whistle-blow, as opposed to bulk release of documents in a short period of time. Founding members of WikiLeaks are mostly saying great and good luck. Once you are the big star who started it all you can sit back and watch the followers fall into place. There's sure to be many other Leaks sites, for we have seen in the world today many people take great joy in telling on others, so long as they can do so without using their real name. Indeed, someone has even registered the domain No telling what they're going to unleash there. Anyone?
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